Why You Need a Flexible Finishing System

As a manufacturing professional, you are responsible for optimizing your equipment. The better your equipment works, the better your quality and the higher your throughput. Your equipment should also fit your needs and be customizable based on your processes, which may change over time. An important process of many manufacturing lines is finishing, including liquid and powder coating. When considering finishing systems, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all option.

The finishing process in manufacturing is evolving, leaning more on technology to promote intelligent workflows. A key attribute you may consequently need in your finishing system, therefore, is flexibility. Flexibility in finishing systems translates to process, conveyor, and painting controls that allow you to configure the finish and your system for each part — individually.

The Benefits of Flexibility

When you use a flexible automated finishing system, you have more options, allowing different processes within the system to work independently. Each process feature — loading; pre-treatment including blasting, washing, and dry off; painting (liquid or powder); curing and unloading — could act separately from the whole, offering the most adaptability. Such a system helps you realize significant savings and improved productivity. With our IntelliFinishing system, you’ll enjoy:

  • Enhanced quality with recipes and smart controls
  • Ultimate adaptability for the future
  • Increased throughput—for example, one client experienced a 20% increase, another decreased from three shifts to only one per day while increasing throughput 30% overall
  • Less conveyor downtime and line stoppages, yielding greater revenue opportunities
  • Decreased floorspace

What Flexibility Allows You to Do

The IntelliFinishing system is a revolutionary alternative to traditional conveyors, allowing for movement forward and backward per section of track. This feature maximizes efficiency. You’ll be able to finish more types of products in less time and in less space. With an IntelliFinishing system, it is common to paint a wide variety of parts on a single system. These systems can customize each process and path per load bar or to the individual part. Should you need to make a process change, it’s easy to do based on the part or carrier recipe options. For example, you can increase your production by running multiple lane ovens with different cure times – allowing faster curing parts to move past slower curing parts. Having a system that allows some parts to cure faster and others slower is an aspect of flexibility that many chain based monorail or power and free systems cannot easily deliver.

Along with our unique conveyor, our smart controls are the true flexibility differentiator. Use the computer panel to make changes in formulations or recipes as well as run any size or shape part within your specified part window. As parts move at variable speeds, moving in either direction, you have the option to tailor the path of each piece. For instance, those that need longer or even an oscillating wash process, as well as shorter or longer oven times don’t create bottlenecks for the whole system. Smart controls make all this possible. Our system allows for you to configure the finish process for each part, not just your largest or most common part. Now, you can run parts that are dissimilar for lean production, all without compromising quality. You can also adapt easily to increases or decreases in volume, as well as future process changes.

You won’t find these advantages with Power & Free or Monorail systems. Neither can deliver the flexibility of our innovative solutions. 

Find Flexibility and More with IntelliFinishing

By partnering with IntelliFinishing for your finishing system, you’ll have access to the most flexible system available. With our modular conveyor and smart control technology, you will be able to positively impact your production. See the revolution for yourself by viewing our 3D video.

Read more at intellifinishing.com

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