Protecting Nature While Implementing a Red Lion IIOT Solution for Renewable Energy Generation

June 13, 2023

Climate change demands urgent global action, and renewable energies like solar, wind, water, geothermal, and biomass are crucial players in how technology can play a role in protecting nature. However, their implementation often disrupts habitats. ATEG Automation develops intelligent solutions, harmonizing technology with environmental and social aspects.

ATEG’s concern was protecting birds near wind turbines during agricultural activities. They created SELA, an automated system using cameras for secure detection and shutdown. The challenges involved accurate camera detection and adaptable control components.

ATEG overcame obstacles with a comprehensive system featuring the FlexEdge from Red Lion. FlexEdge captures, controls, and records data, with secure remote access via VPN. The user-friendly Crimson software unifies control programming.

ATEG’s collaboration with Red Lion, particularly Jochen Zimmermann, was instrumental in SELA’s development. Wildlife preservation and renewable energy infrastructure function seamlessly, thanks to their expertise. The SELA system will continue to evolve with Red Lion’s support.

SELA showcases the potential of technology to balance renewable energy and environmental protection. ATEG and Red Lion exemplify commitment to sustainability and engineering excellence. Discover more about the FlexEdge platform and SELA’s impact in the enlightening video with Stefan Glaubitz and Jochen Zimmermann, exploring the future of renewable energy and wildlife protection.

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