SmartSky Networks Overview

January 1, 2023

SmartSky Networks is revolutionizing air travel with its enhanced air-to-ground connectivity, offering a world of possibilities in the sky. The high-speed network is constructed using cutting-edge communication technologies, providing passengers in the cockpit, cabin, and operations with dependable, responsive, and secure connections throughout the aircraft.

Thanks to SmartSky’s twenty times more broadband spectrum and low latency, passengers can enjoy an array of in-flight entertainment options, including gaming, streaming, and productivity tools. They can also make uninterrupted voice calls, send messages, and engage in video conferencing. With SmartSky, staying connected in the air is as seamless as on the ground.

One of the remarkable features of SmartSky’s network is transmission symmetry, ensuring broadband performance for real-time updates on weather conditions, flight planning, aircraft performance, and maintenance information. Passengers and crew members can access critical data effortlessly, even at 35,000 feet.

SmartSky’s patented being-forming technology takes connectivity to new heights by assigning a separate connection to each aircraft. This eliminates bandwidth sharing, allowing for scalability, higher speeds, and enhanced information privacy.

Installing SmartSky’s hardware is a breeze, as it can be conveniently located inside the pressure vessel for interoperability. Furthermore, customers have the flexibility to customize their connectivity solutions by choosing from a wide range of options for WiFi routers, entertainment providers, and more.

To ensure seamless service delivery, SmartSky works through a network of partners who provide top-notch installation, enhanced services, and comprehensive support.

With SmartSky Networks, the sky is no longer a barrier to connectivity. Passengers can now experience the ultimate in-flight experience, and airlines can benefit from a reliable and efficient network solution.

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