Wow!  What a month!  Or should I say four.  Since early December when the first COVID-19 outbreak started in China, we’ve made a lot of strides towards making our workforce able to work from home.  For me it’s been a big challenge. I have a household full of humans that all want to fight for the same bandwidth.  And, so the first thing I had to do was crank up the bandwidth to the maximum my provider would give.  The second thing of course was to extend the network throughout the house.  There are a lot of different tools for doing this but I’d strongly recommend it so that the signal strength can work regardless of where you are.

And now, with social distancing each of us: my son, my daughter, my wife, and I all have our own little office cubicle.  I won’t prognosticate further on how far this virus will affect us but I do think this is going to become much more the new norm, or at least a super option for making things happen and keeping us productive despite not sitting in the office [fighting over the noise in the cubicle next to you]

The tools I’ve used, of course, Zoom.  It has been the one that has found the most common use among all of my compadres in IT.  But more recently, and because of our somewhat Microsoft-centricity in my workplace, Microsoft Teams has been the go-to product.

This has been The Mecca Minute, thanks for listening.

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