Controls Space Tour

June 18, 2022
irfan ullah

The control panels we provide here are the heart of the operation, the heart, of the industrial refrigeration equipment that is built by Frick. The Quad of HD Unity compressor panel is our standard panel, with the Quad of HD Unity flow line, we provide all the components and parts within easy access of the assembler.

They can easily manufacture each of the panel, put the sub assemblies together and then mount their sub assemblies in the panel.

These the parts are all within easy reaching distance of each of the stations.

Then as the panels assemble it moves to the testing area, and it’s quickly tested to provide a full test of all the components.

And as well as loading the software and set points to the panel. For the testing process after the panel’s manufactured, it’s hooked up to the analog and digital board to test each of the channels.

This process goes through tests all the hardware, confirms that it’s assembled correctly. Then the software as well as the set points are downloaded to the panel ensuring that the panel has the latest set points It has the latest software and has the set points that line up for that customer’s site. What’s the the software is loaded and the testing is complete. That panel is ready to be shipped, installed and started up at the customer facility.

Here we have our Quad of HD compressor panel after its assembly and fully tested. I have it powered up here, and this panel is painted steel enclosure.

It’s a design for NEMA four, so that it’s water resistant.

We have our overlay here in front of the panel, that adheres to the front of the panel and provides the water resistant NEMA four rating.

As part of the overlay, we have the touch screen It is used for navigation through the panel.

And then separately, behind the touch screen, we have the display. It’s a fifteen inch color display. That shows the screens and allows you to navigate through the panel. Inside the panel, we have all of our boards. Here in the back, we have our analog board that reads all the analog signals and provides analog outputs to control valves and motors.

Right beside it, we have the digital board that reads the digital inputs and outputs and provides start signals for motors, for digital valves, and also reads various inputs to check things like flow and the status of the equipment.

These all communicate through serial through this harness up to the Q6 board. The Q6 board is the brains of this panel.

It has a NXP iMX6 processor, and it uses a Cfast card that includes all the operating system software and set points. The Cfast card is removable in case the customer has to switch cards between panels or if if it needs to be replaced.

We could use a USB thumb drive to upgrade the panel, the USB thumb drive is installed here on the USB ports, and then the upgrade file which can be downloaded from our website to be used to upgrade the software on the Cfast card. In addition, set points could be saved from the unit so at any point in the future if the set points to be restored. They can be restored directly from this USB thumb drive.

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