B2B Marketing with Mike McCalley

B2B marketing comes with its own set of challenges – but the fundamentals remain, even as the landscape continues to evolve. Marketing expert Mike McCalley is ready to guide you through expert buyers, the role of emotion, budgeting best practices and more, getting you ready to meet your organization’s goals.

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It’s time to dive in. In this course, you’ll establish a framework to guide your B2B marketing efforts and make the most of your role in achieving your organization’s goals.


B2B in a Nutshell

B2B buyers are highly educated about potential purchases, but that doesn’t mean these relationships are devoid of emotion. How can you prove you’re better than the next best alternative?


Some Things Never Change

The ways in which you reach customers may shift, but the fundamentals of segmenting, targeting and positioning never change.


Innovating: Drive Disruption that Matters

If you’re not disrupting yourself, someone else will – and that goes for both your personal career and your organization. Stay on your toes.


Strategic Budgeting

There are three types of budgeting, but only one empowers true growth – goal-based budgeting. Work toward the results you need to achieve.



Assumptions about being on equal footing and shared understanding are dangerous. Establish standards and speak one another’s language.


5 Critical Uses

There are five critical uses for your budget – people, awareness, preference, enablement and optimization of your “engine.” But how can you balance them?


Win-Win-Win Situations

In truly successful marketing, you, your organization and your customer all achieve their goal and realize significant value. That’s a win-win-win.



As you wrap up this course, consider actionable steps you can take back to your organization today and apply to your own marketing efforts. Jot them down, then share them with your team to get the momentum going.