LeddarVision: Scalable raw data fusion & perception solution for ADAS & AD

January 1, 2023
irfan ullah

LeddarVision™ is a comprehensive raw data sensor fusion and perception software platform that delivers superior perception performance from any sensor combination (i.e., cameras, radars, LiDARs) into a single, unified environmental model. As a result, LeddarVision software enables the scalable development and faster deployment of high-performing ADAS and autonomous driving (AD) solutions.

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Today’s ADAS, primarily focused on front-view perception, can be enhanced by using full surround situational awareness. However, to achieve this 360° perception, significant growth in AI computing power is needed to process input from more sensors and more complex applications. The LeddarVision fusion and perception stack, empowered by the Hailo-8™ AI processor, enables a highly cost-effective […]

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Luc Sirois, Quebec’s Chief Innovator and head of the Quebec Innovation Council, shares his impressions during a road demonstration of LeddarTech’s latest technological achievements and LeddarVision products.

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Implementing and commercializing a comprehensive, scalable end-to-end perception program to support all levels of ADAS in the automotive market is known to be highly challenging. LeddarVision makes your vision a technical and commercial reality with groundbreaking fusion and perception innovation that democratizes the deployment of advanced, cost-effective ADAS and AD features, enabling safer and smarter […]