The Road to the Dallas 100™: ENO8

July 17, 2023


Get set for another adventurous episode of The Road to the Dallas 100! Daniel Litwin, B2B’s voice, and Gabrielle Bejarano, in partnership with MarketScale and SMU’s Cox School of Business, are back to share stories of Dallas’ burgeoning businesses.

This week, they’re sitting down with Rishi Khanna and Jeff Francis of ENO8, a thriving digital product development company in Dallas. Rishi, a high growth CEO and a serial entrepreneur, will share his journey of creating a results-driven culture at ENO8 and guiding others to find their passion. Jeff, co-founder of ENO8, is renowned for his team’s high-quality work and their strategic approach to process enhancement.

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Fasten your seatbelts and gear up for an exciting ride on The Road to the Dallas 100! Brought to you by the collaborative efforts of Daniel Litwin, the resonating voice of B2B, along with MarketScale and SMU’s Cox School of Business, we dive deep into the inspiring narratives of Dallas’ fastest expanding enterprises. Each week,…

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