Whatever is Normal, Do the Exact Opposite

June 3, 2020
Jesse Cole

It’s a simple relationship – normal gets normal results. Question everything and make two lists – one for the normal and one for the remarkable. Look at what’s normal in your industry and think about what you can do to become remarkable. Further, don’t break the rules. Make the rules. The Bananas have made their voicemail message so remarkable that customers want to be left on hold. Are you doing anything that gets that kind of result?

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The Savannah Bananas are a baseball team – but owner Jesse Cole knows they aren’t in the baseball industry. They’re in the Fans First Experience industry. The game of baseball comes with a slew of challenges – it’s too slow, or too boring, or too long, or too antiquated. But, instead of seeing friction, Cole […]

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A lifelong baseball fan, Jesse Cole has seen it all. From potential big-league dreams to a journey toward finding how best to engage with the game after his career came to a close, Cole eventually landed an internship with a small team in South Carolina. Since, he’s held key roles in several organizations and innovated […]

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When Cole, his wife and their small team began working to replicate past success in Savannah, they sold two tickets…in three months. The lowest point came shortly after, when the team was informed it had completely overdrawn the organization’s bank account. Instead of folding, Cole and his wife doubled down. They sold their house, going […]