Introducing Begerz, a New Way to Crowdsource

Crowdsourcing isn’t a trend; it’s a reality. And making dreams come true, whether personal or helping someone else achieve something, is the motivating factor behind Begerz. Raising funds with an emphasis on creativity and a karma-conscious movement is the backbone of Begerz’s mission. On this new podcast, people can learn how they can realize their dreams or make someone else’s dreams come true through the Begerz platform. Host Daniel J Litwin spoke with Cary Carlton, CEO, and Founder of Begerz, on the platform’s vision, team, and the community they hope to build around it. 

Carlton, a sales leader for most of his career, keeps an idea book. And out of those ideas came the genesis of Begerz. “This came from me wanting to create an opportunity to donate large sums of money to charitable causes that I couldn’t do in a singular fashion,” Carlton said. “I said, I bet I can create a video to get three hundred thousand people to give me a dollar.” This challenge lit the candle and got Carlton moving toward marrying content creation with crowdfunding.  

This new platform provides content creators with a unique opportunity to raise money for their passion project or charity through the utilization of creative videos to make an impact with people looking to help fund their project. 

“It’s really a giving community rather than a taking community,” Carlton said. “So, we’ve created the ability for individuals who give to reach total consciousness on the Begerz platform. The more an individual gives into the community, the higher level of consciousness they can reach. When we do the leaderboard and the badges those individuals have, the more they give, the higher up on the leaderboard they’ll go.” These badges help identify givers, so when raising money for something, other people within the Begerz community will know that they give, not just receive.

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