Unleashing the Power of Flexible Isolators: Insights from Onfab’s Director Mike Brown

January 1, 2023
Sonia Gossai

Flexible isolators are a crucial component in pharmaceutical processing, and Onfab’s Director and Containment Specialist, Mike Brown, offers invaluable insights into their applications. Boasting an impressive repertoire of over 6,500 designs, Onfab caters to diverse processing parameters and GMP classifications, providing comprehensive solutions to meet various requirements.

The retrofit isolators offered by Onfab elevate a process equipment capabilities, enabling the safe handling of high-potent compounds and expanding product catalogs. Additionally, standalone systems offer enhanced protection for operators dealing with hazardous active pharmaceutical ingredients. Onfab’s meticulous focus on materials like polyurethane, polyethylene, and PVC ensures optimal solvent compatibility and containment efficacy. Prioritizing ergonomics and operator comfort, Onfab’s flexible isolators mitigate fatigue and minimize the risk of injuries during operations.

Strengthening the safety of flexible containment systems, high-containment zippers, and gloves play a pivotal role. Onfab’s isolators undergo stringent qualification processes, including performance testing down to nanogram levels, ensuring their effectiveness. Partnering with Benchmark Products, Onfab facilitates expedited delivery and storage of isolator kits, enabling agile responses to evolve processes and plans. Let’s dive deeper into the realm of flexible containment and worker safety in pharmaceutical processing with Mike Brown in this episode.

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