Enhancing Security in Law Enforcement Facilities: The Role of Boon Edam’s Solutions in Dallas Police Department

June 9, 2023

Paul Schuster, involved with police facilities planning at the Dallas Police Department, discusses the need for heightened security measures following incidents like the shooting at the police headquarters in 2015. The department collaborated with the security integrator and Boon Edam to install a Tourlock revolving security door and ballistic glass at the Jack Evans facility. The design includes full-height turnstiles for visitors and a one-way entrance for officers. Schuster emphasizes the importance of maintaining good communication and positive relationships with vendors to stay ahead of changing security needs. Increased security measures help officers feel safer while also making citizens feel more secure when visiting police facilities.

Discover how the Dallas Police Department worked with security integrator Boon Edam to enhance security at their Jack Evans facility, which sees a high concentration of public use. Learn about the unique solution that was ultimately decided upon – a Tourlock security revolving door and ballistic glass to match the facade around it. Find out how this upgrade has helped officers feel safer on the job while providing citizens with a refuge for their crises.

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