Built Modular: The Guiding Principles of Forming Indigenous Partnerships

November 17, 2022

The importance of building indigenous partnerships

Today, Indigenous people are dependent on funding and grants to run various programs within their communities. For Black Diamond Group (BDG) in Canada, their focus is on helping the Indigenous prosper through mutual partnership.

So, why is it important to keep Indigenous groups at top of mind? As exclusion was formerly the norm, Canada now embarks on a unique political landscape where reconciliation is at the forefront, and Black Diamond Group is leading the way.

Host of Built Modular, Tyler Kern, welcomed Black Diamond Group’s Scott McLeod, Senior Indigenous Relations Advisor, and Jonathan Stringer, VP of Marketing and Community Relations to the show to discuss:

  1. Why reconciliation matters and how it isn’t something that’s “scary”
  2. How best to form a trusting relationship with Indigenous communities
  3. Black Diamond Group’s guiding principles and its opportunities for Indigenous partnerships

McLeod spoke in-depth on the importance of building trust in his relationships, based on a sacred Indigenous tradition:

“We’re always guided at Black Diamond… by the Seven Grandfather Teachings. These traditional teachings have been passed down generations in Indigenous communities across the country and is a concept we aim to embody in everything that we do.”

As a leading company focusing on reconciliation in Canada, McLeod and Stringer encourage other Canadians to join Black Diamond Group in making everyone’s community better, including Indigenous people. Visit Black Diamond’s corporate responsibility page for more information.

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