The In’s and Out’s of Cooperative Purchasing

March 21, 2022


The process of procurement is often a lengthy, confusing, and full-time job. To help ease this process, TIPS-USA acts as a cooperative to help net procurement. Jensen Mabe, VP of Sales for TIPS-USA, sat down with host Tyler Kern to discuss the cooperative purchasing process and how they remain a nationally leading co-op in that space.

Formed in 2002, TIPS helps make purchasing personal. In cooperative purchasing, Mabe said, “We put out category IDIQ contracts where vendors respond and go through a reward process.” Not only does this take the burden off the public agencies, but Mabe emphasized, it allows entities to jump straight to the table of negotiating pricing, saving both time and money.

Free to public agencies, membership with TIPS assures that you are receiving quality vendors at great prices. Membership, Mabe said, is easy to join via an online membership form or inter-local agreement/board resolution form to complete. The process is fast and easy and helps serve industry sectors such as education, government, and non-profit.

TIPS-USA works with BOXX Modular to establish prices ready to go. Mabe stated that building these permanent and portable modular buildings receives two parts in the process, procurement prior to work and JOC.

With 12 program managers located across the nation available to work with vendors and members, TIPS managers assist in case BOXX, or other vendors, outsell their contracts, and helps ensure pricing is reviewed and compliant with the contract.

With the myriad of protective measures, Mabe emphasized that TIPS acts as “a helping hand” in the job-order contracting process. All TIPS employees are active and engaged with their clients and Mabe emphasized the personal aspect of care, “If you pick up the phone and call TIPS it’s not a voice messaging system that you get.”

Working with BOXX Modular, and the growth that has come for TIPS following this partnership, has helped TIPS continue growing, Mabe said. TIPS helps save time and money while providing access to quality vendors with a vast degree of transparency. To learn more information about TIPS-USA, visit

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