Automotive Industry Roundtable

June 8, 2023
irfan ullah

There are plenty of challenges facing the auto industry, not the least of which is the parts inventory process and management.

Daniel J. Litwin led a roundtable discussion with industry leaders to take on the challenge and offer solutions through digital transformation. Thomas Calloway, President & CEO of Automotive Aftersales at A2CX Management, Nick Ford, Director of Inventory Solutions at Datascan, and Ron Resnick, Business Development Manager at Datascan, spoke on the state of the industry and how inventory count data specialists are making a difference.

Calloway, Ford, and Resnick agreed that database accuracy and the global supply chain were the most significant issues in the automotive industry. “COVID has changed the supply chain, not only in the ability to get auto parts to dealers from suppliers, but also raw materials shortages,” Resnick said. These shortages make it difficult to manufacture vehicles. Database accuracy for parts was always a challenge, and the problem will only increase with electric and combustion vehicles.

Technology, electrification, automation, and processes can transform inventory counting. Ford noted that while cars keep making technological advancements, the procedures on the backend haven’t kept up with the times, and there is a need for improvements that can improve areas like inventory.

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