What is DART Now and how can it benefit small to medium retailers?

June 8, 2023
irfan ullah

Discover the benefits of the DART Now Account Program for small to medium retailers as Hunter McNally, Datascan’s eastern US account manager, provides valuable insights on how the program can increase retail agility.

DART Now is a ready-made count program that offers rapid deployment, making it an ideal solution when time is of the essence or scheduling issues arise. Its agility and readiness straight out of the box ensure a seamless implementation process for clients, whether on the client side or with existing providers.

Customization requirements can often be time-consuming, but DART Now eliminates the need for extensive customization or lengthy program development. With its ready-made structure, clients can quickly turn on and utilize DART Now without the hassle of gathering extensive specifications.

DART Now’s predefined technical formats need to be met, but most clients find it easy to fulfill these requirements. The convenience and simplicity of DART Now make it an attractive option for retailers seeking efficient data counting solutions.

One of the standout advantages of DART Now is its cost-effectiveness. Hunter emphasizes the importance of cost considerations when implementing new technology, and DART Now’s ready-made nature translates into significant cost savings for clients.

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