Get to Know EquipWare’s UI/UX Design

December 12, 2022

Equipment planners, healthcare design professionals, and construction teams benefit from improved workflow and processes for planning medical equipment, furniture & artwork, from the procurement to the construction administrative activities. The right SaaS platform and UI/UX design can assist critical healthcare planning, and design professionals with an interface focused on data utilized to create easy-to-interpret reports and information to support decision-making and facility capital planning.

In August 2022, EquipWare launched a healthcare-industry-specific SaaS platform in Nashville, TN. The system is built from EquipWare’s historical database of 20 years of medical equipment data.

Edward Hernandez, General Manager for EquipWare, and host of the podcast, sat down with Julia Jones, Director of Software Support & Development for EquipWare, to talk about the internal process of moving EqupWare’s software over to a SaaS platform and what users can expect.

Hernandez and Jones’ conversation includes:

• Areas of the user interface that double as an instruction to the user

• The role and considerations color played in the design and branding of the EquipWare platform

• The user interface elements included in EquipWare

“We use several different elements,” Jones said of their UI/UX design. “Light mode, dark mode, side nav, top nave; we tried to make it user driven so that they’re in charge of what they see every day when they’re inside the system.”

Edward Hernandez is an experienced founding principal with a demonstrated history of working in the healthcare management consulting industry. He’s previously led the development of a Software as a Service solutions platform for equipment, furniture & artwork planning, procurement, and installation management for construction projects.

Julia Jones brings more than a decade of experience in software applications to her role as Director for Software Support & Development at EquipWare. As the leader in developing service delivery standards and procedures for application support, Jones proactively identifies and implements online tools that will improve customer experience.

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