How can we make owning an EV possible for garage-orphans?

February 20, 2023
rizwan ullah


The lack of EV charging infrastructure in multi-unit dwellings poses a significant challenge for EV owners without dedicated parking. Cory Bullis, Director at FLO, highlights the importance of addressing this issue and outlines collaborative efforts to overcome it.

Stakeholders, including FLO and local governments, are working together to deploy chargers at workplaces, public destinations, and curbside locations. While curbside charging helps bridge the gap, home charging remains the most convenient and cost-effective option.

Installing chargers in multi-unit dwellings is challenging due to space limitations and high costs. Incentivizing property managers through tax credits or grants can encourage investment in on-site charging infrastructure, ensuring equitable access for residents.

Successful examples include the City of Fremont, which integrated chargers into new condominium projects, and the City of Santa Monica, which requires EV readiness in new multifamily residential properties.

These examples demonstrate that challenges can be overcome, signaling a positive outlook for the industry. Collaboration among policymakers, developers, property managers, utilities, and others is crucial to finding practical solutions.

In conclusion, addressing access to EV charging in multi-unit dwellings requires collaboration and innovation. While curbside charging and public destinations play a role, home charging is the most practical option. By fostering collaboration and supporting initiatives, we can make EV adoption more accessible for all communities.

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