Will EV Charging Ever Be As Convenient as Gas Stations?

January 1, 2023
rizwan ullah


Gas stations can be found just about anywhere. They are abundant in many towns and cities across North America, and with more than 140,000 stations across the U.S., filling up your tank has never been so easy. However, with the use and production of electric vehicles on the rise, gas stations aren’t doing the job they were once designed for. But what charging systems do EV’s have, and will they ever be as prevalent as gas stations?

On the newest episode of EVolve powered by FLO, host Gabrielle Bejarano, chats with Edmund Leduc, Interactions Designer at FLO, and Alexander Forest, Network Deployment Program Director at FLO, to talk about developments in the EV charging world and how they separate themselves from traditional pump designs. The three discuss…

1) How EV’s recharging system is completely different from traditional combustion engine vehicles

2) The difference between the three current EV recharging systems and how the public will know what works for which

3) Why a more robust EV charging system is necessary in particular areas across North America

“There’s obviously different kind of chargers for different scenarios and I think the important thing is knowing when to use which one,” said Leduc.

“The goal, of course, is to continue to increase the available infrastructure that’s out in the world. That’s a big part of our mandate and a big part of our goal,” noted Forest.

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Leduc has been with FLO for almost two years. Prior to his current role, Leduc worked as a Product Designer and UX Designer for RenoRun Inc., and ALDO Group, respectively. He is an Industrial and Product Design graduate of Université de Montreal.

Forest has been with FLO since March but has had a long history of infrastructure deployment experience. He works to ensure customers get the best customer experience using the FLO product.

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