Did You Know: German Bionic Exoskeletons: Understanding the Core Functionality

January 1, 2023
irfan ullah

In today’s “Did you know” segment, we’re going back to the basics to discuss the fundamental function of our exoskeletons: lifting support. German Bionic’s exoskeletons provide an impressive thirty kilograms (66 pounds) of weight compensation for each lift, greatly reducing strain on the wearer.

The exoskeleton’s gyroscope and sensors closely monitor the worker’s movements throughout the day. When bending down to pick up an object, the motors kick in and gently guide the worker back to an upright position, effectively supporting the load and preventing lower back strain.

Additionally, German Bionic’s exoskeletons feature a counterforce mechanism that assists workers when placing objects back down, such as moving items from a shelf to a pallet. This counterforce system applies resistance to the shoulders and thighs, guiding the worker’s movement and preventing undue stress on the lower back.

While these are the core functionalities of the exoskeletons, German Bionic offers numerous other features to enhance worker safety and efficiency. To learn more about these additional features, stay tuned to our “Did you know” series or visit germanbionic.com for more information.

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