Defying Gravity: NovAtel’s Span Technology Conquers Extreme G-Forces

January 28, 2023
irfan ullah

NovAtel’s cutting-edge technology is put to the ultimate test in extreme conditions, where the L-39 Albatros high-performance jet showcases its capabilities. Loaded with NovAtel PowrPakD-E2 enclosures and GNSS antennas, the aircraft is subjected to acrobatic maneuvers at mind-boggling speeds and G-forces, pushing the limits of positioning technology. Throughout the rigorous trials, NovAtel’s span technology consistently delivers reliable and precise position, velocity, and attitude data, even in scenarios where GNSS-only systems often falter. By pushing technology to the edge, NovAtel empowers users with an undeniable edge of confidence and competence, offering autonomy and assurance in positioning systems.

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