Bringing the Jackie Robinson Museum to Life

January 1, 2023
rizwan ullah

In an effort to deliver an immersive historical experience to visitors, the Jackie Robinson museum embarked on a project to create a digital video wall for their Game Day exhibit. Through close collaboration between partners, IBM, Gensler, and Peerless-AV, this vision became a reality. This blog post explores the intricate details and challenges faced in bringing the museum’s vision to life, resulting in a stunning installation that captivates visitors and passersby alike.

Collaboration between Partners:
To achieve the desired outcome, the Jackie Robinson museum partnered with IDM, Gensler, and Peerless-AV. Each party played a crucial role in the success of this project. Peerless-AV, in particular, worked closely with the museum to engineer a custom LED mounting solution for Unilumen displays, ensuring stability and meeting the tight timeline.

Peerless-AV’s Role in the Installation:
Peerless AV, a subsidiary of Peerless-AV, took on the challenge of designing and manufacturing a bespoke DvLED video wall mounting system. This system needed to seamlessly fit within the three faceted walls of the museum. The panels were joined at the center and fanned out at a 152-degree angle on the sides, requiring precise alignment with the wall structure.

Overcoming Challenges:
One of the most significant challenges in this installation was achieving a perfect corner alignment with the wall structure. The spacing of the video wall was crucial, prompting Peerless AV to design custom model adapters to fill the void and ensure accuracy. These adapters allowed for micro adjustments, overcoming any irregularities in the installation process and achieving the desired result with precision pixel alignment.

Rigidity and Precision:
Peerless-AV’s mounting system was designed with utmost rigidity, allowing for minimal deflection of only 360 degrees. This meant that the mount was exceptionally sturdy, with a maximum flex of just one-eighth over a ten-foot span. To ensure the safety and quality of the design, a professional engineer reviewed, tested, and authorized the mounting system, providing the team with confidence in their solution.

The Final Result:
The culmination of these collaborative efforts resulted in a magnificent video wall measuring seven feet by thirty feet wide. With its concave facets spanning a remarkable 152 degrees, the video wall creates a captivating visual experience for both museum visitors and those passing by the museum’s glass facade. Thanks to the dedication and expertise of all parties involved, this installation proved to be a resounding success.

The Jackie Robinson museum’s goal of delivering a powerful and immersive historical experience was achieved through the installation of a digital video wall. Collaboration between partners, IBM, Gensler, and Peerless-AV, was essential in bringing the museum’s vision to life. Peerless AV’s innovative design and engineering expertise overcame challenges, resulting in a visually captivating installation. The success of this project serves as a testament to the power of teamwork, dedication, and the pursuit of excellence in creating impactful museum experiences.

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