Leveraging Audio Devices for More than Just Assisted Listening

July 17, 2023

In this episode of Pro AV Today, host Ben Thomas sits down with Kim Franklin from Listen Technologies to explore the remarkable evolution of assisted listening devices and their impact on accessibility and equity. Together, they delve into the diverse applications of these devices and the groundbreaking ways technology is revolutionizing audio experiences.

Franklin emphasizes the growing demand for equitable experiences, noting how younger generations are driving the need for multilingual tours and inclusive communication. As she highlights, “The younger generations want equitable experiences… they want their grandparents to have the tour in their native language, and children to have it in English.”

Throughout the podcast, the importance of clarity in audio communication takes center stage. Franklin explains the exhaustion that comes from straining to hear without the ability to read lips, emphasizing the significance of clear and immersive audio experiences in various environments. As she points out, “When you don’t have the ability to read lips and you can’t hear with clarity, it really does become exhausting.”

Listen above and join host Ben Thomas as he and Kim Franklin dive into the fascinating world of assisted listening devices, exploring how Listen Technologies is reshaping accessibility, enhancing communication, and paving the way for innovative audio experiences.

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