The IC Architectural Series: A Walkthrough by Vince Bruzzese

February 14, 2023
irfan ullah

Totem Acoustic introduces three new products in the KIN Architectural IC series designed to address space and depth constraints without compromising sound quality. The Ultra Slim model, with its flat cone woofer and stainless steel construction, delivers exceptional sound in high-humidity environments. The IC8 and IC6 models are purposely configured to be shallow, making them suitable for tight spaces and obstructed areas, without sacrificing performance. The I82s and I62s feature an MHEX cone structure for smooth transience and a robust cast frame basket for enhanced power and movement. All three series offer stainless steel components, rust-resistant grills, and impressive sound quality. The stereo unit stands out with its independent tweeter crossovers, providing a full two-channel system experience.

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