VCC: 35 Years of Building Legacies, Adapting to Challenges, and Delivering Excellence

January 1, 2023


Celebrating 35 years in business, VCC has thrived on innovation, adaptability, and strong relationships. From its humble beginnings in 1987 with a disciplined business model, VCC has grown into a reputable construction company, delivering excellence and leaving an indelible legacy.

What sets VCC apart is not just the great projects they’ve built nationwide, but the meaningful connections forged along the way. As they navigate the ever-changing landscape of today’s world, they draw parallels to the challenges they faced during their inception. Back then, the economy was in turmoil, yet VCC persevered.

Now, in a robust marketplace full of potential, VCC’s CEO Derek Alley knows they remains committed to staying ahead of the game. They understand the vast challenges that lie ahead and pledge to adapt, ensuring they deliver excellence for years to come. With their clients and partners by their side, VCC eagerly embraces the opportunity to bring visions to life.

Reflecting on VCC’s journey, we are inspired by their resilience, dedication, and unwavering commitment to delivering excellence. Let their story serve as a reminder that success is built on the projects accomplished and the lasting relationships fostered along the way. Together, let us take on the future with enthusiasm and determination to create remarkable communities.

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