Customer Support and the Need to Embrace Change

January 10, 2023

Analyzing customer support, experience, technology, and processes at Amphenol Broadband

Improving operations, identifying issues and find new solutions and better experiences for customers.

Pre-pandemic, the system was manual and once the pandemic hit there was a real disconnect with people working from home.

Smooth and effective customer service is critical to the success of nearly every business. Good customer service qualities are rooted in clear communication, prompt service, and understanding of customer needs. According to HubSpot, 90% of Americans use customer service to decide whether or not to do business with a company.

Pre-pandemic, Amphenol Broadband Systems’ customer service and ordering process looked very different. With drastic and quick changes, the company realized how critical it was to change its processes and discovered a lot in the process. Many tips are applicable to various industries.

Hosted by Daniel Litwin, this episode of Wavelengths looks inward and discusses customer support and experience with Bill O’Donnell, Amphenol Broadband Systems’ Senior Director of Product Management & Customer Support.

The episode covers…

  • O’Donnell shares some challenges due to the dated system.
  • The impacts of updating the system on a holistic level.
  • Insights into how the customer service is improving and feedback.

In terms of the ABS antiquated order processing system, O’Donnell said, “Some of the major challenges that were brought to light was really just being able to have data visibility.” He went on to share that the numbers were not adding up and that was creating a clear bottleneck in overall operations.

Bill O’Donnell, Senior Director of Product Management & Customer Support, completed a master technician program at NCTI and worked at Comcast, Trilithic, and PCT International before joining Amphenol Broadband Systems’ team seven years ago.

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