Wavelengths: Supply Chain Delays and Disruptions, Part 2

July 6, 2022

Discussion about the current and future state of the global supply chain is a hot topic right now. Barry Holt, VP of Global Cable Operations for Amphenol Broadband sits down with host Daniel Litwin to discuss the short- and long-term effects plaguing the global supply chain and tips on how to overcome them.

International events often affect the global supply chain – despite the event occurring hundreds or even thousands of miles away. In the Chinese city of Shanghai, which has incurred continuous lockdowns due to Covid-19, shipping is at a standstill. China’s zero-policy on COVID has greatly impacted the wider global supply network – China houses 7 out of the 10 largest container ports in the world. This creates disruptions in sourcing raw material, goods, and other components, particularly for new broadband deployments.

“We’re still struggling through these supply chain issues, this effect of China shutting down, I don’t think we’ve seen the effects yet…You know, our factories in China are restricted…right now we’re trying to get over the hump,” said Holt, noting that it is unlikely to ease up anytime soon – the effects of it will continue to be felt throughout the world.

In the short-term, finding other solutions for this delay could be vital, “I think going to other countries helps the global economy…but cutting relations…there’s just no easy replacement for that supply chain,” said Holt. China’s labor pool is deep – so much so that cutting relations with the goliath would cause more long-term pain than it’s worth.

Companies like AT&T have weathered the storm by diversifying its supplier base to navigate increasing tariffs elsewhere. But it’s important to not burn past relationships in the process, “I suggest we can ride it out,” said Holt.

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