Addressing Security Challenges: Trends We Are Seeing at GSX 2023

September 12, 2023
David Bromberg


The security industry is at a pivotal moment, driven by factors such as advancements in technology, the impact of COVID-19, and the convergence of audio-video and IT systems. GSX 2023 in Dallas, Texas, serves as the backdrop for this discussion, where industry leaders like VuWall are poised to shape the future of Security Operations Centers (SOCs). These centers are no longer limited to large enterprises; even smaller players can now afford sophisticated solutions. This episode explores the evolution of SOC spaces and how innovative products, particularly video over IP solutions, are enabling this transformation.

In this episode of VuTalk, hosts David Bromberg and Nick Mathis, both Directors of Business Development at VuWall, discuss the exciting developments in the security industry, especially in the realm of Security Operations Centers (SOCs). They delve into the convergence of audio-video and IT systems, the role of video over IP, and the significance of VuWall’s solutions in creating scalable and future-proof SOC environments.

Main Points of Conversation:

  • The Evolution of SOC Spaces: Bromberg and Mathis emphasize how SOC spaces have expanded beyond traditional control rooms, encompassing security operations centers and emergency operations centers. The discussion centers on supporting this evolution with the right products and forward-thinking solutions.
  • Video Over IP’s Impact: The hosts shed light on how video over IP technology is revolutionizing the security industry. They discuss how VuWall’s PAC (Pixel Perfect AV over IP) solution acts as a versatile “Swiss Army Knife” for small to large systems, allowing for scalability without unnecessary hardware changes.
  • Convergence of AV and IT: The conversation highlights the growing convergence between audio-video and IT systems. In the past, IT involvement could complicate AV installations, but now it’s an integral part of the process. VuWall’s ability to bridge the gap between AV and IT is a significant asset.

Guest Bio: Nick Mathis, Director of Business Development at VuWall, brings extensive expertise in navigating the evolving landscape of Security Operations Centers. With his keen insights into the industry’s changing dynamics, he plays a vital role in shaping VuWall’s contributions to SOC development.

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