Dear Matt: Are Projectors a Dying Technology?

December 4, 2023


Are projectors a dying technology?

In today’s rapidly evolving landscape of display technology, one might assume that projectors could soon be a thing of the past. Not so fast, thinks Vistacom’s Director of Technology, Matt Boyer. In this Dear Matt segment, Boyer, a seasoned expert with over three decades in the AV industry, looks at video projection technology’s current state and future.

This video shows how projectors maintain a strong foothold despite the rise of direct-view LED and large LCD screens. Boyer argues for the projector’s cost-effectiveness and adaptability, highlighting advancements like laser light sources and ambient light rejection screens that bolster their performance economically. He emphasizes the utility of projectors in diverse settings — from digital cinemas to residential spaces and K-12 education — and their specialized use in projecting on unconventional surfaces such as building exteriors during events. Notably, the use of 4K projectors in mission control centers for organizations like NASA and SpaceX underlines their significance. Boyer ensures that projectors, through continuous innovation, are far from facing their twilight.

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