AV in the House of Worship with Duke DeJong of CCI Solutions


The house of worship has been a place of constant evolution and growth over the past several decades in terms of pro AV technology. The demands presented by congregations, both big and small, have been instrumental in moving the industry forward. Our guest on this episode of the Pro AV podcast, Duke DeJong, is perfectly suited to comment on the past, present, and future of AV in the house of worship. He is the Vice President for Sales and Integration at CCI Solutions, and has 21 years of experience in audio, video, and lighting system design and operation for churches.

DeJong said many of the AV challenges that churches are battling today are the same ones they’ve been working through for years, but LED boards are helping to change the game.

“We’ve always put these big giant projectors in to overcome the ambient light…and it works but it’s never been great,” he explained.

But now with the increased prevalence of LED boards, places of worship are much better equipped to meet these challenges.

“All of a sudden, those guys who are doing amazing things with video these days, whether it’s a testimony or filming a mission trip, when you put that up on screen it actually looks like what the guys were trying to create in the first place. So, it really, I think, is just the next evolution in solving an age-old problem: giving us something that can fight ambient light but still look good,” DeJong said.

DeJong also previewed the 2018 WFX Conference in Orlando, Fla. and explains the benefit of these gatherings.

“At the end of the day, just getting to hang out with other ministry folks and look at solutions…WFX is, for us, a couple of days of conversations of ‘how do we help people get to where they want to go?’,” he said.

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