Best ICX Deployment: Retail

The Interactive Customer Experience (ICX) Summit is the leading annual conference expo devoted to showcasing the innovative ways technology can be used to create transcendent customer experiences.

Reflect was thrilled to win an Elevate Award for Best ICX Deployment: Retail for Polaris: The Retail Experience. The Awards ceremony and dinner party were held in conjunction with the ICX Summit.

2018 was a banner year for both the number of show visitors and for the number of brands entering themselves in the contest, according to Association Director Christopher Hall: “That speaks to the growing realization among customer-facing brands that customer experience and these kinds of experiential activations really are intrinsic to everything they do.”

Reflect and D3 Collaborate for Memorable ICX Summit Experience

This year, Reflect and D3 teamed up to create one of the most impressive booths at the show, featuring a stunning LED video wall—the ultra-high definition NVIEW LED Display. Users were able to design and personalize their own vehicle using the award-winning Polaris application.

Reflect at DPAA

The Reflect Booth Turned Heads

Thanks to our amazing partners for helping to make it such a successful show!

  • Elo touchscreen displays allowed visitors to interact with applications Reflect created for Polaris and Cedar Fair amusement parks.
  • D3’s stunning LED video wall showcased the Polaris application on a large scale as users created their vehicles.
  • UniversusDX and Reflect announced a strategic alliance that combines the power of automotive content creation with a leading provider of award-winning digital signage programs.
  • AdMobilize offered a demo of one of their applications that changes advertising content in real time based on the viewer’s age and gender demographics. AdMobilize is the market-leader in audience intelligence, making sense of the physical world with an “all-in-one” computer vision & AI platform.

Capturing Connections ICX Breakout Session

Mason Page and Lee Summers gave a presentation on how to connect with shoppers in today’s Era of Experience. They revealed how great brands like Levi’s and Polaris use content and technology to meet and exceed their customers’ expectations.

It’s Not Too Late to Do a Tour!

Thank you to everyone who attended our tour. If you happened to miss it, simply call us and come by! Further, we’d like to extend a special thanks to our partners Groove Jones, who launched the stunning VR & AR Experience, and Glass Media, for their professional set up of the two displays—we couldn’t have done it without your help!


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