Whether it’s the final scene of a movie, an off-shore site inspection or a life-saving search and rescue mission, the last thing a drone pilot needs is a bad delay on their video feed. That half-a-second delay could end up costing thousands of dollars, or even lives. Enter Amimon, a drone tech company that uses Connex technology to bring less than one millisecond of delay for a reach of over three kilometers.

“We know that when first response need to act in a second, it’s very important,” said Aharon Kamhaji, sales account executive for Amimon. “If you’re talking about for the cinematographer, every minute on the set costs a lot of money. Any time there’s monitoring delay, it costs a lot of money.” Kamhaji joined us from the InterDrone trade show floor to explain how critical low delay is for drone operators, as well as how collaboration and open sourced products are key for continued drone innovation.

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