Contemporary Research Launches New Website to Enhance the Customer Experience

CR has always prided itself on putting the customer first. This driving principle is at the center of everything the company has done since its founding nearly 25 years ago. And today, to better serve clients and prospects, the CR team is proud to announce the launch of its recently redesigned and updated website.

The dynamic and fresh look of CR’s online destination incorporates new colors and graphics that showcase everything CR has to offer. Further, this website upgrade includes a completely new set of navigational tools, making it simpler for CR’s valued customers and prospects to build solutions that will serve their businesses for years to come. Visitors will also be able to see how a CR project looks—and easily access clear information about each and every product in the CR lineup.

“Online visitors will now experience simpler navigational structure to ensure they reach our solutions and products quickly,” explains Christy Ricketts, Vice President of Operations & Marketing at CR.

The re-imagined site offers several new offerings for visitors, including:

  • New photos and videos of actual CR projects and products
  • A clean design featuring more support and contact pages
  • Solutions pages that highlight RF, IP, and Hybrid solutions and offer product suggestions
  • system design page to put together the best solution for each client’s circumstances and facility requirements
  • An audio solutions page that highlight CR products designed for audio applications
  • new page featuring Venue Vizion, the RF and IP complete video distribution system with display control designed for bars, restaurants and entertainment venues

The new website was created in response to specific customer feedback and to support the continued growth of CR and its offerings. In fact, everything about the site was created with the user experience in mind. Visitors will enjoy its user-friendly navigation and optimized layout featuring eye-catching colors and graphics. Be sure to click on the Markets section, in which the experts at CR recommend products and showcase recent installations.

Visit CR’s new web home today and check out the dramatic improvements in navigation, content, and appearance:

About Contemporary Research

Founded in 1994, the Contemporary Research family of innovations includes reliable HDTV Tuners, Modulators, IPTV Encoders and Control Systems, and a new IPTV Decoder. Designed for integration, Contemporary Research products are reliable, integration-friendly, and easy-to-use, and backed with solid technical support and customer service. All Contemporary Research products are built in the USA and are designed to function in demanding, mission-critical 24/7 installations.


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