Custom LED Solutions for Broadcast: Ensure Your Video Wall Displays Are Ready For Prime Time

Video wall displays are now the norm for backgrounds on news, entertainment, and various other types of programming. Millions of viewers tune in every day with an expectation of premium video wall quality.

At first glance a Broadcast LED wall may look just like any other video wall, but this is simply not the case. The primary differentiating factor: a video wall in a consumer setting is setup for in-person viewing, while broadcast LEDs are designed to look optimal on camera.

Important Features for Broadcast LEDs

Quick Refresh Rates

Any lag time could distract a viewer from the message of the broadcast. It is important that the refresh rate is high enough to create smooth transitions, display quality videos, and consistently display clear information.

Dual Power Source

Our premium Broadcast ready LED panels have a dual power source. This means that even if one power source goes out during a broadcast, the other power source can kick in and maintain a steady stream until the broadcast is over. Once the broadcast is complete a set technician can address the failed power source. All the while the viewing audience is none the wiser.

Tight Pixel Pitch

Pixel pitch determines resolution and is critical to on-screen displays. The tighter the camera shot, the tighter the pixel pitch needs to be to avoid any adverse effects. Therefore, when developing an on-air solution, concentration on pixel pitch is essential.

Fitting the Physical Space

Other important considerations include how the screens will fit in a specific space—will curved or flat screens be necessary, or perhaps a combination of both? The flexibility to use both screen types seamlessly is a major advantage of Neoti’s custom LED solutions.

Bezel-less Design

Look for screens without bezels as well, as they can create awkward seams. Imagine a person’s face who is split in half due to an inconveniently placed bezel or text that seems to drop off before continuing. In Broadcast, as with various other platforms, you want nothing to distract the viewer from the message.


Consider how easily screens are adjusted or upgraded. Neoti has various options for updating their prodcuts or adding to their products as the customer’s studio needs grow.

Trusted Service & Repair

Neoti services all of their products and even the products of most manufacturers. With quick response times and flexible repair options, Neoti is sure to impress.

Beware of One Size Fits All LED Options

There are thousands of LED providers in the US; however, not all of them understand the distinct challenges and applications of broadcast LED. A vendor may offer the latest in LED technology, yet may not have the capacity or capability to design a custom broadcast solution. Using a vendor with inadequate or non-existent customization skills to create a video wall that doesn’t translate on air can be a source of frustration for studios and audiences alike.

Neoti: Your Broadcast Custom LED Experts

Neoti takes into consideration available space, required pixel pitch, and budget to deliver innovative custom LED solutions aligned to the requirements of broadcast settings. Don’t settle for standard—learn how our award-winning Neoti branded UHD LED panel, available in pixel pitch as low as 0.9mm, can elevate the broadcast viewing experience. Visit the Neoti Facebook page to see some of our recent custom LED broadcast installations.


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