Every project tells a story, and every project has a learning lesson. For Pro AV designers and installers, this is the hard truth. As the technology provided has changed, so has the way AV professionals interact with their clients. The whole industry has seen a consultative shift, finding that customers value quality customer service at the beginning, during, and even after an installation. Our guest today, D3 LED’s VP of Sales Bob Magnus, knows that sometimes this communication can leave you explaining something to a client they may not want to hear.

“The lesson learned was never assume that you’ve got the full understanding of a project,” Magnus said. “One of the things in this business that we as AV providers never know…I never know what you’re going to throw at me sometime between now and the end of this project.”

On today’s podcast, Magnus explores one D3 project that, while on the surface may look pretty typical, encapsulates everything that’s so powerful about honest communication in Pro AV. We get the story of the Hudson Wilshire Project, an office building deep in the luxurious urban Mid-Wilshire submarket of Los Angeles.

“It started off as something that was conceived to be simple, but as we talked more to the client about what they were trying to accomplish in this remodel, it just evolved and kept evolving and literally was evolving until we turned the final screw on the speaker system,” Magnus said.

Magnus breaks down the pictureseque installation the clients were searching for, some of the toughest obstacles on the project, and how meeting a clients’ wants isn’t nearly as important as delivering what a client needs.

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