Direct Connections: An Inside Look at IHSE with Manny Patel

January 4, 2022

Who better to guide Direct Connections host Daniel J. Litwin through IHSE USA’s history with KVM technologies, and their years of success, than Manny Patel, IHSE USA’s President, and CEO? Patel joined Litwin for a lively, informative, and engaging discussion that not only looked at IHSE’s past and present but gave a glimpse of some exciting things coming soon.

“The journey has been a long one,” Patel said. “We started IHSE in 2009 in the United States, but before that, we were already selling IHSE through distribution arrangements, through OEM accounts, through white-labeling products. We were already in the country four or five years before we actually started selling in the US. The company was founded in 1984 by the three founders in Germany. And in 2009, we formalized the relationship of opening up IHSE in the US.”

The beginnings of IHSE were not in KVM solutions but industrial hardware and software for the manufacturing industry. Patel said there was no KVM requirement in those days as computers were new to the market, and remoting a keyboard wasn’t even an option. “But as time progressed, KVM played a role in making the technology what it is today.”

One of the secrets of IHSE’s success is their devotion to the continual development and improvement of KVM solutions, which Patel said keeps them well-positioned as market leaders. “When a new technology, new product, new resolution, high-frame rates; all these buzzwords come into play, we’ve already anticipated that and that gives us an edge when the new technologies come into the market. We always have a better-offered product for new upcoming technology in the labs all the time before the technology is released out for commercial or industry.”

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