AtlasIED’s new Atmosphere sets a new standard for digital audio. Touchless control, automation, and artificial intelligence offer AV integrators and end-users an intuitive, effortless way to deliver audio to restaurants, bars, hotels, school campuses, houses of worship, industrial spaces and many other commercial environments.

Atmosphere has created quite a buzz and we are getting tons of industry questions and feedback. Join us for a live webinar with Michael Peveler, VP of Sales, Tom Lureman, Director of Engineering and Product Management, and Gina Sansivero, VP of Marketing & Corporate Communications, as they answer the most commonly asked questions from systems integrators and specifiers.

Engineered to enable the utilization of touchless control, automation, and artificial intelligence, Atmosphere’s™ combination of digital audio processors, amplifiers, graphical user interfaces, programming software, and controls sets a new operational and performance standard for digital audio systems. The components comprising the platform have been designed to work seamlessly together, to minimize training time and installation, configuration, and programming headaches for AV integrators, and reduce the learning curve for end-users.

This digital audio platform is dramatically easier to configure, install, and operate than traditional digital audio systems, but with the modularity, scalability, versatility, and quality performance to support the audio needs of a wide range of commercial applications. Ideally suited for use in restaurants, bars, hotels, school campuses, houses of worship, retail establishments, and other commercial environments, AtlasIED’s Atmosphere platform comprises an entirely new suite of innovative products featuring a host of revolutionary technologies.

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