For as exciting as the AV landscape is as a new year dawns, a central question – and one asked of every new innovation – persists.

Will these solutions have the staying power to continue driving elevated experiences in the long term, or will they soon be obsolete in favor of the next big thing to emerge from an era of accelerating technological progress?

In the case of Mad Systems’ QuickSilver® solution and recently patented systems and methods for generating targeted media content, the company is confident the solutions will scale for generations to come.

One key aspect of so-called “future-proof” technology is whether it’s proprietary or not. If technology is non-proprietary, it is elevated beyond a specific manufacturer or company and to a place where users are empowered with peace of mind that their solution won’t just be pulled out from under them.

With regards to Mad’s latest patent, the company said it’s still working on other ideas and ways to provide solutions that allow spaces and experiences to keep pace with growing consumer and visitor expectations for personalized, interactive and impactful content.

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