September 23-27 marked ASIS’ Global Security Exchange, one of the epicenters of physical security innovation, inspiration and creativity. MarketScale attended the conference, and while there, we noticed a common thread among how exhibitors and speakers were communicating the importance of prepping yourself for physical security threats as a business: if you think you’re not at risk, you probably are. Barriers to updated software, displays or practices for dealing with security threats are typically either financial or stem from a general lack of information, but either way, leave companies spending manpower in misguided ways to secure their employees.

On this podcast, we dig into some of these changes in physical security operations, from the back-end software automating the processes, to the ergonomics of the operation hubs. We’re joined by Robert Cameron, Director of Strategic Initiatives for the Mission Critical Environments Group at Diversified. Cameron, along with his team at Diversified, supply companies with the software and the displays to, and knows all about the innovations and challenges that are changing Security Operations Centers. “In the past, a lot of security operation centers have been reactive…more and more, security operation centers and the leadership teams are adopting analytics, the correlation of the analytics, machine learning and automating their processes to take human error out of the equation,” Cameron said.

He calls in from the GSX trade-show floor to give his insights on the practicality of these innovations, and how Diversified is educating business owners on them. “There are so many nuances and so much science behind the technology…if somebody is going to build out a new security operations center, why would they not look for the subject matter experts out there that can help them fine tune their new center,” Cameron said.

For information on Diversified and how they’re preparing businesses to fend off physical security threats, you can visit their website here.

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