2020 was a year of challenges, but the themed entertainment and leisure industries are poised to leverage new technologies to engineer a year of renewed growth in 2021, particularly as COVID-19 vaccines continue to roll out.

And solutions like those powered by the patent at the heart of Mad Systems’ new facial recognition technology are leading the charge.

In a themed entertainment environment, recognition technology can be used in a variety of scenarios, such as when “VIP” visitors arrive at the property.

In addition, these new design methods are primed to increase the amount of variable, personalized content for visitors in themed entertainment and leisure spaces, which are approaching a place where everything within a space can be adapted to specific visitors.

Museums and visitor centers will also reap the benefits of advancing recognition technology. In particular, these spaces will be able to elevate exhibits by tailoring content to the specific person viewing them and encouraging more interactivity and movement, as well as ensuring ADA compliance without sacrificing the impact of designs and content.

For more information about how the latest AV innovations are powering industries in a year of renewed growth, visit madsystems.com.

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