InfoComm 2023: Send HD Videos More Efficiently With Hall Technologies

June 28, 2023
Adrienne St. Clair


This month in Las Vegas, InfoComm 2023 buzzed with all the latest tech and gadgets. Hall Technologies was one of several companies highlighting new and exciting products, and this year the company showed off the HT Gemini. The device is essentially two switchers that communicate over HDBaseT, a technology that allows for the transmission of uncompressed high-definition video over a single cable. The HT Gemini is a multi-format factor, accommodating DisplayPort, HDMI, and the increasingly popular USB-C. It can also send camera feeds from one end to the other, which is a game-changer for stuff like video calls.

Brandon Gramse, the Senior Electronics Engineer at Hall Technologies, attended InfoComm 2023 and he got to introduce the product to guests. Here’s what he had to say.

Brandon’s Thoughts:

“Hi, my name is Brandon Gramse, Senior Electronics Engineer with Hall Technologies here at InfoComm 23. And one of the products we’re highlighting is HT Gemini, which is essentially two different switchers that transmit to each other over HDBaseT. It’s a multi-format factor, so you have a DisplayPort, HDMI, and the USB-C that everyone is looking to have these days. This is at the transmitter set, and the receiver set has also a couple of HDMIs, and allow you to be able to bring in either video from either one, and camera from the receiver back to the transmitter for those UC applications. Come check us out, we’re booth 3017. We can show you this, as well as many other products that we’re showing here today.”


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