The labor shortage hasn’t discriminated in which industries it affects. After consistently hearing that one of the main obstacles in Pro AV is still finding and developing qualified individuals to fill open positions, we decided to sit down with Ernie Beck from Integrate Baltimore to get his take on the issue and what he’s doing to counter it. “The perception to the public, first of all there really isn’t much of a perception, and second off if there is it doesn’t really carry that this is a dynamic and growing industry and instead sorta just the ‘nerd’ side of things,” Beck said.

“So I think that’s the first thing: awareness. There just isn’t a lot of it. So that’s something we’re trying to do by not only integrating students with the professional network, but also integrating the professional network with the larger STEM and technology community in Baltimore.” Beck talks on how he himself got into the industry, his method for getting students excited about Pro AV early in their academic careers, and why it’s so important to have a fresh generation of passionate professionals in the industry.

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