At some point in time, you probably remember the days where everything wasn’t so integrated but now with the inception of all-in-one devices like the cell phone, this technology hasn’t just affected the cellular world. Broadcast video facilities are officially getting faded out as most of these capabilities are now being replaced by simple mobile applications. This of course was a huge topic of conversation at this past year’s NAB annual gathering as three things were brought up looking at the future ahead: automation, virtualization, and orchestration. Back in the day, deconstructing a TV set used to take forever but now with the removal of so many cables, devices, and panel technology; that no longer is a problem anymore. Especially in the perspective of broadcast engineers, unifying acquisition is key, however cost-effectiveness must be top of mind always. At the very core of this bespoke-to-virtualized innovation process, IP based technologies are beginning to infiltrate through various industries one by one. In the case of video broadcast, this all began to take place with the emerging technologies like smart phones, tablets, and internet-connecting TV’s. Overall, it seems like whether you decide to upgrade your gear or not, it’s going to be crucial to be able to discern the appropriate amount of advance while also managing the desire to go full-fledged into a new realm as costs can accumulate quickly if you’re not careful.