The Merger Between AVer and Zoom Will Introduce Era of Seamless Connectivity in the ProAV Industry

August 25, 2023
Alexandra Simon

The ProAV community is buzzing with excitement as two titans of tech, AVer and Zoom, join forces to redefine collaboration and meeting solutions. Given a time where remote work is becoming increasingly commonplace—accounting for roughly 25 percent of the workforce according to recent studies—the importance of seamless, efficient, and user-friendly meeting technology has never been higher. 

So, what does this strategic collaboration mean for professionals relying on virtual communications? How will the AVer and Zoom partnership reshape the future of professional meetings and collaborations?

On the latest “AVer” segment, host Gabrielle Bejarano talks about the recent merger between the two companies and explored the partnership between AVer and Zoom, which aims to reshape how professionals connect, collaborate, and conduct meetings. From the seamless efficiency provided by AVer’s transformative devices, to Zoom’s user-friendly platform, this dynamic collaboration is setting new benchmarks for the industry.

Some poignant points Bejarano explored were:

  • How AVer’s devices and Zoom’s platform together are innovating the way professionals collaborate.
  • The role of AVer’s budget-friendly solutions in transforming any ordinary workspace into a vibrant meeting hub within seconds.
  • The integration of AVer’s USB video conference cameras with Zoom’s platform, ensuring impeccable communication and ease of use for professionals.

Gabrielle Bejarano is an industry expert and a media producer at MarketScale. With a background in communications and technology, she has received numerous accolades for her insights into industry trends and breakthroughs.

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