Neil Fluester Breaks Down the Crestron AirMedia with the PanaCast 50 at InfoComm 2023

March 4, 2024


A significant spotlight was cast on the evolving landscape of video conferencing and collaboration technologies, highlighting the strategic partnership between Crestron and Jabra at InfoComm 2023. Neil Fluester, Global Director of Technology Alliances at Crestron, and Josh Blalock, Chief Video Evangelist at Jabra, to delve into the synergies between Crestron AirMedia and the PanaCast 50 camera system.

In a detailed discussion, Fluester and Blalock explored the functionalities and advantages of the Crestron AirMedia setup, particularly in conjunction with the Jabra PanaCast 50 camera. The duo emphasized the solution’s wireless BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) capabilities for Microsoft Teams environments, aiming to eliminate the cumbersome array of cables typically required in conference rooms. The AirMedia Connect adapter, pivotal to this setup, allows for wireless content sharing and enhances the PanaCast 50’s capabilities by enabling wireless video and audio transmission, thus simplifying the user experience. This integration not only streamlines the workflow but also offers flexibility in how spaces can be utilized, making it a noteworthy advancement in conference room technology.

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