Powering Growth with Strong Partnerships: Aurora & AV Consultants

January 29, 2024
Bobby Brill

In this episode of “Cutting Through,” host Bobby Brill engages in a dynamic conversation with Charles Duncan, National Consultant Resource Manager at Aurora Multimedia. Together, they delve into the transformative trends of 2023 and unveil Aurora Multimedia’s strategies for harnessing innovation in 2024.

Key Points of Discussion:

  • The Evolution of AV Control Systems: Charles highlights the industry’s pressing need for one-gig and ten-gig solutions, emphasizing the improvements in Aurora Multimedia’s product lines.
  • The Power of Open Platforms: Explore how Aurora Multimedia’s adoption of open-source programming, including JavaScript, is empowering users, integrators, and consultants to customize their AV solutions.
  • Expanding Product Line: Discover Aurora Multimedia’s plans to expand its AV over IP solutions, turning touch panels into multifunctional components and integrating Dante technology.

Guest Bio:

Charles Duncan, with a career spanning since 1997, serves as Aurora Multimedia’s National Consultant Resource Manager. His extensive experience and relationships within the AV industry uniquely position him to bridge the gap between consultants and innovative solutions.

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