Pro AV in the Modern Workplace: Episode One

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The AV needs in the workplace are changing drastically. Gone are the days when workplace AV was synonymous with clunky media carts and huge projectors. AV is now being seen as a tool for creating and fostering office culture.

Joining the Pro AV podcast today to discuss workplace AV is Scott Schoeneberger of Bluewater Technologies. He talks about the shift in the way the office is viewed by workers of all ages. “The workplace used to be a place for people to come and do work,” he says. “Now, it’s very much a tool to attract and retain talent. Today’s workforce is looking for this new type of experience in whatever facility that they’re going.”

This shift in the way that people view the workplace has drastically altered the AV needs of businesses. “Let’s consider a digital signage network inside a corporate environment…it’s a really great tool for effectively communicating information out to employees…Today it’s not difficult at all to make that an interactive experience,” says Schoeneberger.

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