Revolutionize Your Meeting Rooms with the Hangouts Meet Hardware Kit

January 1, 2023


In today’s fast-paced business landscape, effective communication and collaboration are key to success. The Hangouts Meet hardware kit, introduced by Google, promises to revolutionize video conferencing experiences in meeting rooms. With its easy setup, reliability, and user-friendly components, this kit is poised to transform the way teams connect. Let’s take a closer look at each element of this innovative hardware kit, including the MIMO touchscreen display, the Hangouts Meet Speaker Mic, cameras options, and the ASUS Chromebox.

MIMO Monitors: A Smart Display for Effortless Control

At the heart of the Hangouts Meet hardware kit is the MIMO touchscreen display, an enterprise-grade 10.1-inch capacitive touchscreen designed for intuitive operation. This display allows you to join meetings, manage participants, and control the camera with a single tap. The MIMO monitor’s intelligent design simplifies setup with color-coded cable channels, ensuring that cables are securely connected and won’t disrupt your meetings. The sleek finish and clean assembly of the display provide a seamless and professional appearance for any meeting room.

Hangouts Meet Speaker Mic: Crystal Clear Audio, Anywhere

The Hangouts Meet Speaker Mic, built by Google, is a purpose-built device that delivers exceptional audio quality. It incorporates advanced echo suppression and noise cancellation technologies, ensuring clear and distortion-free sound. For larger spaces, up to five speaker mics can be daisy-chained using Ethernet connections, providing optimal coverage and audio performance.

Camera Options for Every Room Size

The Hangouts Meet hardware kit offers two camera options to cater to different room sizes and meeting requirements. The Hudley Go camera, ideal for small and huddle rooms, features a 4K sensor and a wide 120-degree field of view, capturing everyone around the table in those cozy spaces. For larger meeting rooms, the Logitech PTZ Pro 2 camera is the perfect choice. With its 10x optical zoom and mechanical pan-tilt zoom functionality, it ensures crisp and detailed video capture, even for participants seated at the far end of the conference table.

ASUS Chromebox: The Central Hub of Connectivity

The ASUS Chromebox serves as the central hub, seamlessly connecting all the components of the Hangouts Meet hardware kit. This device not only facilitates the integration but also enables remote management. Through over-the-air software updates and firmware updates pushed from G Suite’s Admin Console, the system remains up-to-date, secure, and equipped with the latest features.

Deploy More, Simplify Hardware: Unleash Collaboration Potential

The Hangouts Meet hardware kit offers an enticing proposition: deploying video conferencing and collaboration solutions to more meeting rooms with fewer hardware requirements. Starting at $2,000, this kit streamlines the setup process, reduces maintenance needs, and enhances productivity across your organization. With its seamless integration and remote management capabilities, you can ensure that all devices stay up-to-date and perform at their best.

Embrace the Future of Meeting Rooms with Hangouts Meet

In a world that demands efficient and reliable communication, the Hangouts Meet hardware kit by Google, in collaboration with MIMO Monitors and ASUS, provides a turnkey solution for modern meeting rooms. Unleash the power of video conferencing and collaboration with this comprehensive hardware kit, empowering your teams to connect and collaborate effortlessly.

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