Should More Businesses Implement Voice Recognition Technology?

Most of the time new technology is adopted first by big businesses that can it, and then the tech trickles down to the average person in the average household. Voice recognition technology, though, is bucking that trend. Media Post reports that while nearly half of business managers are using voice recognition in their personal lives, only a third are using the same technology in business.

Why the disconnect? The average person, including the average business manager using voice recognition software in their personal lives, is using it to transcribe voices into text. While the technology is improving almost daily, the fact remains that it is still far from perfect. You still need to go back and fix misinterpretations. While this is fine at the personal level, that can make managers think it may cost more time and money than it is worth. This is almost certainly untrue—or the managers would have stopped using it themselves—but for some reason it is not translating into business use.

This failure to translate from personal to business likely makes business managers miss out on other uses of voice recognition, including it use in customer service. With a proper phone voice recognition program, one can drastically reduce the use of call service center employees. Most calls involve answering fairly simple questions, and that means a business can create a system that would respond to people’s questions and provide them with the answers they need—or, connect the customer with the person with whom they need to speak.

Voice recognition can also allow for a more hands-off approach to computer, tablet, or smartphone use. Many people work better when given verbal instructions, meaning their work can be more fluid and intuitive. Being able to more quickly translate one’s thoughts into action will certainly improve business efficiency.

These are just a few of the many efficiencies voice recognition technology can bring to your business. This technology is constantly improving, and those who learn to use it in their businesses will have an advantage over their competitors.

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