How Technology Brought Las Vegas Style Sports Books to Palm Springs

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It’s still not possible to be in two places at once – however, with innovations in consumer experience and audiovisual technology, those experiences provide an unprecedented flexibility and capability to deliver stunning, memorable experiences that evoke feelings of another place and time.

That was true for Aqua Caliente Casino Palm Springs in Palm Springs, California, which brought Las Vegas to the Golden State.

“I’m a Vegas native. I lived in Vegas for a long time,” said Bill Oliver, Chief Information Officer for Agua Caliente. “I’ve always enjoyed the sports books in the local Vegas area and how people were having so much fun and enjoying themselves in these areas. …
I wanted to bring that excitement here.”

With the help of Unilumin, a global leader in manufacturing LED display products and developing cutting-edge solutions, Versatop Support Systems, Advanced LED Displays and Peerless-AV, he did.

The quartet helped provide an LED videowall solution that delivered a seamless, engaging way to display everything the sports book customers wanted and provided a significant “wow” factor.

“Aqua Caliente was looking for something that was newer, brighter, better and faster to attract more customers to their sports book,” said Christopher Danley, Executive VP of Sales & Marketing for Unilumin. “It’s the only place in Palm Springs where you can go and see this large of a venue with this many sports streams on one continuous, seamless screen.”

Agua Caliente now boasts something totally unique to the property – the first sports bar without any televisions at all.

The direct-view LED solution and its seamless, bezel-free aesthetic delivered something no other solution could match, providing a new and innovative way to consume sports at Agua Caliente that’s sure to change the landscape of sports entertainment venues for years to come.

“As soon as you walk into the hotel, you see this big screen across the way, and you just gravitate toward it,” Oliver said. “The feedback has been phenomenal.”

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